Code Of Ethics

1. We will further the public interest by contributing to the development of a better understanding and use of the capacities, abilities, and technical skill of the electronic protection industry of the State of Mississippi and by accepting our responsibilities to the communities within which we live and work.

2. We will present our qualifications to prospective clients solely in terms of our ability, experience and reputation and will strive continuously to improve our knowledge, skills, and techniques to make available to our clients the benefits of our professional attainments.

3. We will always be mindful of the trust placed in us by our Subscribers and Customers and of our responsibility to render service at the highest level of quality.

4. We will assure that all of our employees are carefully oriented so that they will clearly understand company operations, policies, and procedures and their relationship with Subscribers and Customers and their Employees.

5. We will apply uniform and equitable standards of employment opportunity and assure that the best possible use is made of the abilities, technical and other, of our employees regardless of race, creed, color, sex or age.

6. We will endeavor to provide opportunity for the professional advancement of those employees who enter the electronic protection industry by assisting them to acquire additional knowledge and competence in their technical skills and to keep up with significant advances in the state of the art.

7. We will maintain a wholly professional attitude toward those we serve, those who assist us, toward other firms in the industry, toward the members of other professions, and toward the practitioners of allied arts and sciences.

8. We will respect the reputation of other firms in the electronic protection industry, but we will expose, without hesitation, conduct which may by unethical to the proper Mississippi Security Association authority.