State Fire Marshal’s Office – Mississippi Electronic Protection Divison (MEPD)

The SFM MEPD licenses companies and individuals for commercial and residential burglar alarm systems, electronic access control and closed circuit television.  *There are currently no statewide licensing requirements for fire alarms.  Check the local jurisdiction you are doing work in.

Phone (601) 359-1066

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Administration Code

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Law Reference

     Mississippi Electronic Protection Licensing Act

               Click here to view Senate Bill 2697 (as sent to the Governor), effective July 1, 2014

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                    Title 73: Professions and Vocations
Chapter 69:  Mississippi Electronic Protection Licensing Act
73-69-1.  Short title
73-69-3.  Purpose
73-69-5.  Definitions
73-69-7.  Administration and enforcement of chapter; powers and duties of State Fire Marshal; application procedure…
73-69-9.  Issuance of Class A license; display; employment of Class B license holder; duty of designated agent to …
73-69-11.  Application for Class B, C, D and H licenses; educational requirements; automatic disqualification, …
73-69-13.  Class B, C, D and H license holders authorized to perform certain work
73-69-15.  Exemptions from licensure requirement
73-69-17.  Duration and renewal of licenses
73-69-19.  Fees, Electronic Protection Licensing Fund created
73-69-21.  Electronic Protection Licensing Advisory Board created; composition; appointment of members; terms, …
73-69-23.  Offenses
73-69-25.  Penalties
73-69-27.  Construction and effect of chapter
73-69-29.  Injunction for violation of chapter
73-69-31.  Alarm contracting company to return electronic protective system codes to factory default setting under …
73-69-33.  Appeal process
73-69-35.  Subpoena and examination of witnesses

Mississippi Electronic Protection Licensing Advisory Board

Board MemberAppointed ByRepresentingAppointment Ends
Bart WilliamsGovernorMS Northern Supreme Court District6/30/18
Ed TrimGovernorMS Central Supreme Court District6/30/17
Ron BrunGovernorMS Southern Supreme Court District 6/30/16
Jack TorrenceState Fire MarshalAlarm Manufacturing Industry1/20/20
Frank NicholsGovernorLaw Enforcement Officer1/10/20
Thomas WalkerGovernorPrivate Sector7/1/20
Robert PickeringState Fire MarshalEmployee of the Office of the State Fire Marshal *Chairman of the Advisory Boardn/a